In the largely polarized debate surrounding development in Seattle, we hope to carve out a space for curious minds to engage in a meaningful, research-based conversation about what socially responsible development looks like.

Our goal is to deepen the conversation around the interplay of developers and policy in shaping the health of communities. Moving beyond the simple metric of density, we hope that this conversation will open opportunities for a more nuanced development policy that acknowledges and nurtures the city’s rich resource in neighborhood-minded developers.

Who we are

The questions for the candidates have been guided by the input of a diverse group of contributors and advisers from Seattle’s private, non-profit, and academic communities, holding a broad range of views on the meaning of socially responsible development:

  • Maria Barrientos, Founding Principal, Barrientos LLC
  • Sheldon Cooper, Executive Director, Homestead Community Land Trust—as an individual
  • Liz Dunn, Founding Principal, Dunn & Hobbes, LLC
  • Joe Ferguson, Principal, Lake Union Partners
  • Cathy Hillenbrand, Chair, Capitol Hill Champion Steering Committee; Member, Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Council—as an individual
  • Grace Kim, Founding Principal, Schemata Workshop
  • Paul Mar, Director of Real Estate Development, Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority—as an individual
  • Rob Mohn, Founding Principal, RAM Columbia LLC
  • Jim Mueller, Managing Partner & CFO, JC Mueller LLC
  • Paul Purcell, Founder and President, Beacon Development Group
  • Tony To, Executive Director, Homesight—as an individual
  • Maiko Winkler-Chin, Executive Director, Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority—as an individual

As the editing of the Community Dialogue Wiki is open to the public, comments made on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the individuals above. Rather, the site has been designed to be as open as possible, in order to capture the spectrum of opinions held throughout the larger Seattle community.


This site is maintained by Brian Kalthoff and Boting Zhang, recent graduates of the University of Washington’s Master’s programs in Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Real Estate, and Historic Preservation. Please direct any questions to us at srd[at]n-theory.com.